A Modern Beauty Queen

Modern Beauty Queen

When I was seventeen,


I was defined by the whispers

That echoed between my thighs—

They wondered how I squeezed 60

Pounds extra into a stitched corset

Of my New skin.


It can be defined as the unashamed

Stares at my fist-thick waste—

Their eyes suffocated my stomach,

And my appetite was nauseated.


It can be defined as the unsatisfactory

Taste of food pureed by my mouth, because

Nothing compared to my hunger

For their eyes binging on my body.


Their lips never touched mine,

Yet my venom dripped from their

Tongues— I was a bottom-shelf delicacy

For the underage Royalty.


With beauty comes power, and

With power comes manipulation,

But I knew the edge of my leather would

Eventually wear.


Yet, the halls would still clench

To the click of my boots—

This is why


A queen smiles as her kingdom falls.



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