Forgive Me, Childhood

Forgive Me Childhood

Each passing day I realize

How we all abused you—

It was because our stubby legs ached

To see beyond the gardened view.


It started with starvation—

Your bones became your skin

Because I was never home to feed

You with my mother’s attention.


It was sadistic how I watched

You choke on the taste of

My smoke-stained breath,

And when I noticed your face

Turn gray, I’d take a harder hit.


When you first passed,

I was too indecent to visit your grave—

The naked words of brutality, that

I never knew were mistakes,

Was the spit I knew you

Deserved in your face.


As I stand on where you lay,

I realize the garden you built

Was for more than play—

Nothing smells as free as

The shield your flowers made.


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