Sunflower Fields


It was innocence that sobered my vision—

An impromptu glimpse of you

Resembled an infinite field of sunflowers

On a humidly August day.


But as your naïve petals opened, I smelled

The florets in my father’s garden—

A façade that hypnotized a girl

To sense no difference between the perfumes of

Indulgence and Addiction.


So, Naturally,

I did what all tornadoes do—

Devastate any sunflower in my path.


I felt your petals disintegrate

As the wind grew stronger,

But this twister was only satisfied

By the stench of green and yellow compost.


Yet, each spring the field would bud—

A rebirth from a field devout as

Their expectancy of annual death for


Some, instinctively, take refuge in the

Flowers’ green stems—

The heart of each flower wouldn’t resist

Hungry birds taking its seeds,

And this childish curiosity was


Truly unseen and genuinely deep.


I watched your petals thrive as the

Dark-green specks in your eyes

Became a radiant display of fireworks,



Your smile was blissful like the warm

August breeze sifting through the

Stems and leaves of a sunflower field.


It was a euphoric experience to watch

Your shoulders drop the tension a sturdy

Sunflower must carry—


It was this moment my feet grounded

Like a 200-year-old tree for

You’re a field of solid cores

Unlike my father’s mediocre garden.

Photo Credit: BsnSCB


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